Hotels Just Outside of Downtown Boston

Best Hotels Just Outside of Boston
There are a handful of hotels located along the T’s Green line west of downtown Boston. These hotels are situated in Boston’s affluent urban residential neighborhoods and staying in this area can save hundreds over staying at a hotel in downtown Boston. Staying here allows visitors to get a feel for Boston outside of the major tourist hubs and downtown hustle without feeling like they are staying in everyday suburbia. Tourist destinations on this side of the city include the Museum of Fine Arts, Riverway Park, and Fenway Park. While not in close proximity the airport, this area can be accessed off of I-90 heading into Boston.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Boston

Back BayBack BayGreenT
ChelseaChelseaCommuter TrainMBTA
BrooklineHawes St.GreedT
Mission HillHeath St.GreenT
BrooklineKent St.GreenT
CambridgePorter SquareRedT
BrightonWashington St.GreenT

Best Hotels on the Green line Outside Boston

Out of the bunch, three hotels standout; the Best Western for its free parking and proximity to Boston College, the Longwood Inn for its free parking, and enVision Hotel for location and excellent customer reviews. Out of the bunch the Longwood Inn is worth investigating first for the location and cost. The Inn provides a charming setup as the back terrace overlooks a local park. There is no breakfast served, but there is a community kitchen. Reviews are overwhelming positive and rates average $87 on weekdays to $174 on weekends. At the Best Western rates hover around $160 weekend or weekday depending on university events. A ride into Boston from this location on the T will take about 45 minutes passing by Fenway Park as it rides along Boston’s Beacon Street a quintessential residential drag. The enVision Hotel is a good runner up to the Longwood Inn for those who are less excited about a bed and breakfast type stay. However, enVision charges for parking. In summary, for visitors to Boston who would like to save over staying downtown but keep the feel of an urban atmosphere the Longwood Inn is an excellent place to start. If a bed and breakfast feel is not you’re thing check out the enVision Hotel.