Boston Hotels with Free Parking

1484445668_29A lot for travelers will want to park their car for most of the time they are in Boston. Considering, we have found hotels in Boston with free parking that are within walking distance to the Boston T (Subway) and Commuter Rail staitons. Use this page to find the best hotels with free parking in Boston.

Driving to Boston from I-95 / I-93 North

Drivers coming from the south on I-95 toward Boston will appreciate hotels near the Dedham Commuter Rail station. There are three hotels at this location and all offer free parking. Drivers coming from the North who would like to parking near the I-95 and I-93 interchange should look into the Residence Inn. Parking here is free. ravelers coming from the cape, or up Route 1 can utilize the economy minded Motel 6.

Driving to Boston from I-95 / I-93 North

The Anderson / Woburn Commuter Rail station is within walking distance, and the Northern T station of Oak Grove is 15 minutes away. If staying outside of the I-95 beltway is too far from Boston there are some options near downtown. For instance, the Longwood Inn, or Best Western west of downtown along the green line. There are are two hotel options north of Harvard’s campus that offer free parking. One of those is the charming Mary Prentiss Inn. Hotels near the Chelsea Commuter Rail station offer free parking, and while the neighborhood isn’t great, the commute into Boston is quick via the Commuter Rail. Those looking for free parking in downtown Boston only have one option and that is getting one of the four free parking spaces at the Chandler Studios. One of the best values in downtown Boston.

Residence InnCommuter TrainAnderson/Woburn$196.45$126.18Free
HiltonCommuter TrainDedham Corp. Center$155.6$136.6Free
Residence InnCommuter TrainDedham Corp. Center$185.86$154.86Free
Mary Prentiss InnTPorter Square$168.14$163.75Free
Salem InnCommuter TrainSalem$170$170Free
Residence InnCommuter TrainChelsea$172.55$178.82Free
Cambridge House InnTDavis$141$143Free
DoubleTreeCommuter TrainChelsea$201.00$194.00Free
Motel 6TBraintree$103.9$116.18Free
Fairfield InnCommuter TrainDedham Corp. Center$138.36$143.91Free
Hotel IndigoTRiverside$216$153.45Free
HotelWK Avg.WKD Avg.Parking
Residence Inn$196.45$126.18Free
Residence Inn$185.86$154.86Free
Mary Prentiss Inn$168.14$163.75Free
Salem Inn$170$170Free
Residence Inn$172.55$178.82Free
Cambridge House Inn$141$143Free
Motel 6$103.9$116.18Free
Fairfield Inn$138.36$143.91Free
Hotel Indigo$216$153.45Free