Best Time to Visit Boston


The Bay State’s largest city and capitol has proven to be a worthwhile hub for travelers and tourists from across the country and the globe. In many ways Boston is a quintessentially American city. So much of the city’s distinctive history is closely connected to the origin story of the United States. Boston’s history includes a number of events that were critical to making the United States the nation it is today. Among the many draws of the city are its world class universities, its many quaint bookstores and its historical sites. Those who are trying to find the Best time of year to visit Boston and are new to the city can see monuments and museums associated with world-famous historical events like the Boston Massacre, the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Boston Tea Party.

Boston’s winters are notoriously among the country’s coldest. Visitors from more temperate parts of the United States and the world will likely be shocked to learn that temperatures in Boston can become as low as -9 degrees Fahrenheit. Tourists that come to Boston during the winter will probably find themselves wanting to spend most of their time in Boston indoors.

Arguably the best time for visitors who are interested in exploring Boston’s exciting landscape are during the summer months and through the end of Fall. Though there will likely be many crowds to contend with in the summer and fall, visitors will be able to sightsee to their heart’s content without having to worry about having to stay indoors because of icy weather.

When is the Best Time to Visit Boston for Families with Kids


Travelling with children can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Perhaps the best time to visit the city with children is during the summer months as the warm weather won’t throw any hitches into a family’s well-laid travel plans. Traveling to Boston during the summer months is also incredibly convenient because it most children are out of school for at least two months during the summer and can participate in the many outdoor activities that are available in Boston such as following the Freedom Trail. Luckily for travelers who have children one of Boston’s many tourist attractions includes the 100-year-old Boston Children’s Museum. The museum’s exhibitions are geared towards enhancing children’s learning through engaging activities. Tourists can also take their children to one of the many islands near the city or to the Cape Cod National Seashore to enjoy the beach and the water.

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Boston


While planning a visit to Boston during the warmer months of the year makes the city much easier to navigate for tourists it also makes the cost of spending time there much more expensive. Because the local hospitality industry knows that summer is a peak time for travelers the rates of hotels tend to rise with the amount of tourists. Therefore the cheapest time to visit Boston is usually in the Winter. Tourists that are on the hunt for more budget-friendly hotel rates might consider braving the cold of Boston during the winter months to secure a better deal. Because the number of tourists likely to be visiting the city during the winter months go down there is likely a corresponding decrease in the nightly cost of the city’s hotel rooms. Perhaps the best time to visit Boston might be during the Spring, just after the cold of winter and before the heat of summer. Tourists that choose to visit Boston during the Spring may find that they are able to get the best of both worlds: affordable hotel rooms and temperate weather that allows them to sightsee.

How Many Days are Needed to Visit Boston

While it is probably best to plan a visit to Boston that is seven days long, tourists can take in the high points of the city in a short visit that lasts for only three days. A three day trip to Boston is probably ideal for individuals who have very busy schedules. A three day visit will allow travelers to pay a visit to two of the area’s most famous institutions of higher education: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Individuals that are new to Boston can go to the world-famous Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox play baseball. They can also see exhibitions about ancient Egypt at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and watch tropical fish and seals swim behind the glass at the New England Aquarium. Three days should also be enough to pay a visit to at least one of the city’s neighboring islands as well as the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

When is the Best Time to Visit Boston in the Summer?


One of the good things about visiting Boston in the summertime are that its summers tend to be cooler than those of many major cities around the country. If travelers are up to braving what are likely to be large crowds and expensive hotel rates they will find that the summer is an excellent time to pay a visit to Boston. One of the many reasons to visit Boston in the summer is to celebrate the Fourth of July in the city. Travelers can take part in the city’s two-day Fourth of July celebration or they can participate in Harborfest, an event that is famous being one of the biggest Fourth of July festivals in the country.When is the Best Time to Visit Boston in the Spring?

Spring is an excellent time to visit Boston as the area’s many universities attract commencement speakers that travelers may be interested in seeing. Spring is an excellent time to catch a baseball game at Fenway Park while enjoying the warm weather. It is also a great time to enjoy the city’s celebration of Massachusetts’’ state holiday Patriot’s Day. The holiday celebrates a piece of America’s history as it marks the beginning of America’s war for independence from the British. Among the many Patriot’s Day celebrations are the Boston Marathon and a chance to see a dramatized version of the battle.

When is the Best Time to Visit Boston in the Fall?

The fall might be one of the best times to visit Boston as visitors who travel to Boston during the fall will be able to avoid the city’s notoriously cold winter temperatures. As winter grows closer the number of tourists may also decrease which might cause a corresponding decrease in the price of hotel rooms. Visitors that choose to come to Boston in the fall can enjoy events like the 30-year-old Boston Film Festival and the city’s annual Oktoberfest celebration.

When is the Best Time to Visit Boston in the Winter?

If winter is the only time a traveler’s schedule will allow them to make a trek to the historic city, there will still be plenty of things for them do. Winter travelers should not that temperatures in Boston can get as low as 20 degrees during the winter time. The city recently set a record for having temperatures that fell to -9 degrees. In light of this anyone traveling to Boston during the winter time should be prepared to pack boots and thick clothing. Individuals that find themselves in Boston will find themselves being able to see a piece of the city’s history in action. They can get tickets to see the Old South Association put on its annual reenactment of the Boston Tea Party.