Best Places to Stay in Boston, MA

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Boston With T (Subway) Service

best_places_to_stay_in_boston The T in Boston services the city and nearby urban neighborhoods immediately outside of Boston. Generally speaking the T does not service the deeper suburbs of Boston. The Green line connects riders with Fenway Park. The T Red lineis helpful for moving between downtown and Cambridge for access to MIT, or take the Green line for access to Boston College. The T does not directly connect with Boston’s Logan airport. Those flying into Logan can take a free shuttle that connects with South Station. South Station and North Station are the end points of all Commuter Rail lines. Fairs are flat on the T. Pay $2.65 and ride as far as you want. The hours of operation vary between the weekday and weekends, but expect to any station to be serviceable between the hours of 6AM and 1AM.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Boston With Commuter Train Service

The Boston Commuter Rail is built to move people from the Boston suburbs into downtown. Stations closer to the city sometimes service both T and Commuter Rail stations. Utilizing Commuter Rail over the T usually helps cut down on the length of the trip, however the Commuter Rail trains run more sparsely. The Commuter rail schedule is more restrictive than the T, especially on weekends when some lines only have trains running every 2-3 hours. Generally speaking most stations have trains available starting around 6AM to 1AM on weekdays and until 11PM on weekends. Fair structure is based on zones. There are 10 zones. Travel in zone one costs $2.00, travel is $11 between zone 1 and 10. The Commuter Rail does not connect directly with Boston Logan airport terminal. Riders will need to take a free shuttle from South Station to the airport terminal. There is no shuttle from North station to the airport. In this case, its easiest to take a cab, the alternative is to use the T, but this requires a line transfer making it time consuming.

Best Places to Stay in Boston Near T or Commuter Rail

There are two primary hotels outside of Boston that are the best for accessing the city through the Commuter Rail system. If you are driving from the south up I-95 the Dedham station along the Forge Park line sits just off the interstate. There are three hotel options within a short walk of the Commuter Platform, and often the Fairfield Inn & Suites is the most affordable. Guests will get free wifi and a free breakfast with hot and cold items. Rates there average about $150 on weekends or weekdays. Drivers coming from the North will like Residence Inn off I-93 at the Anderson station along the Lowell line. The hotel is only a short walk to the Commuter Station platform. There rates hover around $210 on weekdays and slide to $150 on weekends. Wifi is free, so is a breakfast. Each of the hotels mentioned above does not charge for parking.

Places to Stay with Free Parking in Boston

Those driving to Boston will be pleased to find several hotels with free parking near the T and Commuter Rail stations. Drivers coming from the North on I-93 will like the Residence Inn which is 2 blocks from the Anderson station on the Lowell Commuter Rail line. A ride into North station will take about 30 minutes. Drivers coming from the south on I-95 have three hotels choices at the Dedham station along the Forge Park line. A ride into South station will take about 45 minutes. Each of the hotels is within 10 minute walk of the Commuter Rail platform. Fairfield Inn & Suites is often the most affordable. For closer city access, the closest hotel with free parking is Chandler Studios, but free spaces are limited. The next best option is the Best Western near Boston College along the T green line. The Motel 6 near the Braintree T & Commuter Rail station south of Boston has average rates under $100.

Cheap Places to Stay in Boston

Hands down the most affordable hotel is the Motel 6 near the Braintree T / Commuter Rail station south of Boston along Roue 3. The Motel 6 is across the street from the station. Rates average about $90 making it one of the few accommodations options near a Commuter Rail or T station that has rates less than under $100. Wifi is free, pets are welcome and parking is free too. Outside of this don’t expect any other amenities. Reviews are a mixed bag and most often guests rated the hotel as average. Take the T or Commuter rail into South station. Ride time will be shorter on the Commuter Rail, but the T will run more frequently.

Places Places to Stay in Downtown Boston | North Station

Boston’s North station is a premier area of the city to setup shop. TD Garden is literally a part of North station. Tourist will find the city’s attractions are easily accessible from North station. Hotels however can be cost prohibitive. Anticipate spending at least $250 per night at any one of the three hotels near North station. The cheapest on average is the Holiday Inn. Here rates average $240 on weekdays or weekends. Wireless is free, as well as breakfast. Parking is about $35 per night. There is a small gym, but the hotel doesn’t have a restaurant. The other alternatives are the Onyx Hotel and Boxer Hotel. Here rates climb to about $300 per night. Wifi is free, breakfast is not included and parking is more expensive. North station is steps away the Freedom trail and near Boston’s Greenway.

Places Places to Stay in Downtown Boston | South Station

The closest hotel to Boston’s South station is also one of the nicest in the city. The InterContinental rarely picks up negative reviews and sits along Boston’s waterfront also adjacent to Boston’s Greenway. South station is a short two blocks from the hotel. Guest can expect to spend on average over $300 per night, and don’t expect freebies like wifi, parking or breakfast, all of that is added on. For those that can swing the cost this is an excellent jump off point to see and enjoy the sights and sounds of Boston.

Places to Stay on a Budget | Braintree Station

The T and Commuter Rail station of Braintree has one hotel within a short walk of the station and that is the Motel 6. By all definitions this is an economy stay. Rates hover between $85 and $95 per night. Reviews of the Motel are most often average. This is the cheapest hotel outside of Boston which is within walking distance to the T and Commuter Rail. Parking is free, so is wifi, but no other amenities like breakfast are offered or a gym or a pool. With close proximity to Route 3 it’s easy to avoid Boston traffic. The Commuter Rail will have you in South station in downtown Boston within 3 stations. The T will have you in downtown Boston in 9 stations.

Best Areas to Stay South of Boston

Possibly the best station for a hotel outside of Boston because of its proximity to I-95 the Dedham Corp. Center station along the Franklin Commuter line offers three hotels choices that are all within a short two block walk of the station platform. The cheapest of the three is most often the Fairfield Inn and Suites. There rates averaged $152 on weekdays and $147 on weekends. Also close in pricing is the nearby Hilton. However, expect to pay for wifi and breakfast; something that is offered for free at either the Fairfield Inn or adjacent Residence Inn. Rates at the Residence Inn tend to be the most expensive averaging $182 for weeknights, and $152 on weekends. The Hilton has an indoor pool and hotel restaurant giving it a slight edge to guests who prioritize those amenities. A ride into downtown is about 30 to 40 minutes and only 4 stops before arriving at South station. The setting near the hotels and the stations is suburbia and corporate offices.

Best Areas to Stay North of Boston

The Salem Inn offers travelers a chance to stay in one of Boston’s vibrant urban suburbs. Parking is free, so is wifi and breakfast. Guests won’t have access to a gym, or pool. The Salem Inn is by all definitions not a chain hotel. Walking to the commuter platform from the Salem Inn will take about 10 to 15 minutes over 5 blocks. A ride into North station will take another 30 minutes. Reviews on the Inn are a mixed bag. Rates hover between $125 and $150 per night. This can be a frustrating area to drive around.

Hotels Near Davis & Porter T Near Cambridge

The T stations of Davis and Porter along the Red line near Cambridge (which is home to Harvard and MIT) offer up two charming bed and breakfast accommodations that serve as a nice alternative to the typical chain hotels. Those are the Cambridge House Inn and Mary Prentiss Inn. Situated in the urban residential neighborhoods beyond campus guests will get free parking, wifi and of course breakfast every morning. Rates at the Mary Prentiss are slightly higher at an average of $150 on weeknights and $172 on weekends. At the Cambridge House rates average $132 on weekdays and $144 on weekends. Each choice will save a bundle over staying in downtown Boston. The Mary Prentiss received better reviews on average, and is an easy 3 block stroll to the Porter T station that will have riders in downtown in under 15 minutes.

Hotels Near Downtown Boston

It’s possible to stay just outside of Boston and get free parking. The Commuter Rail station of Chelsea makes that possible. Only one stop from North station both the nearby Wyndham and Residence Inn offer free parking, or alternatively a free shuttle from the airport. The area is an older industrial / urban neighborhood. The Commuter Rail station is 2.5 blocks, walkable, but it would be better to walk with someone else, and not walk alone at night. The Residence stands out because it offers guests a lift to the station and the airport. However, rates at Residence Inn are often more expensive. On weekdays or weekends expect to pay near $240 for the Residence Inn. Wyndham rates are usually between $135 and $165. Either hotel provides free wifi, breakfast is offered at either hotel, but the Residence Inn provides this with any booking.

Places to Stay South of Boston

The Doubletree just south of downtown Boston along I-93 / Route 1 rests on the shore line next to the Harborwalk trail. In the summer time guests can enjoy the nearby beach. Access to the T or Commuter Rail is a short 2 blocks. Getting into the city is quick and easy via the T’s Red line. The JFK / UMASS station is the last for Commuter Rail passengers before South station. Rates average about $170 on either weekdays or weekends. Both parking and wifi are charged at a $12 fee per day. The hotel has a restaurant, breakfast is served, but not included with bookings. One unique aspect about this hotel is that they offer a shuttle to the airport, and downtown. The T or Commuter Rail does not connect directly with the airport. All in all a great choice for travelers coming from the south or arriving at Boston’s Logan Airport.

Places to Stay in Boston’s Urban Neighborhoods

best_places_to_stay_in_booston_for_touristWest of downtown Boston toward Boston College and Fenway Park there are a variety of stations along the T’s Green line that have hotels close by. There are also a plethora of hotels near the Back Bay station which provides access to the T or Commuter Rail. The positives are that you can find a hotel not too terribly far from the city, but the cons are that for a majority of the hotels prices still tend to be over $200 per night and there is not much convenience to the airport, or major highways. However, there are two choices that stand out. The first is the Chandler Inn near the Back Bay station along the T’s Orange line. Rates here average $135 on weekends or weeknights. A vast majority of online reviews rated the hotel as very good to excellent. The hotel does not provide parking, or breakfast, a gym, restaurant or much else other than a room and free wifi. The location will leave you 2 stops from T’s Downtown Crossing stations. The area is still very much like downtown Boston. Further out along the Green line is the Best Western. This is close to Boston College. Parking, wifi, and a breakfast are provided for free, rates average $160 on weekdays or weekends. The drawback is that the hotel leaves you 20 stops short of downtown Boston.

Hotels in Boston that Allow Pets

There are 21 hotels near the Boston T or Commuter Rail train stations that allow pets. Typically hotels have one of three pet polices; they don’t allow pets, allow pets for a cleaning fee and enforce a weight limit, or allow pets with no restrictions. Out of the 21 hotels in the map to the right the most lenient hotels on pet are the. More on pet friendly hotels in Boston.